Using a professional moderator for the strategy day was the right decision for us and paid off in many ways. Firstly, an experienced day planner with a wealth of experience can help you think through the day's agenda and draw attention to a number of important facts and details that you might otherwise overlook. On the day of the event, as the organiser, I was able to take part in the strategy day quite calmly as a participant, because I knew that our day was in good hands and that peace of mind is essential for large events. All in all, it was a very successful event for us, and both as organisers and participants we were very pleased that we decided to involve Margo as day leader and moderator.
Eliise Ala
We were looking for an organizing partner who was competent in organizing virtual debates, SpeakSmart certainly is, can design debates according to the specificities of the virtual format, provides professional technical support and has experienced moderators. Since I was present at all the debates that took place, I can say that the moderators were able to create a pleasant atmosphere, to adapt the agenda and activities where necessary, and to use tools that helped to achieve the objective (specifically in our case, the Miro environment for facilitating and documenting discussions).
Hella Lood

Initially we were planning to hold the inspiration day event in an ordinary seminar format, but due to the COVID-19 emergency situation we decided two weeks prior to the event to conduct it via the webinar environment Zoom. From the beginning, the SpeakSmart team was very supportive and offered various options, along with including the audience through the video seminar format. It was very important for us to have technical support and help with managing the participants in the video environment. Everything went smoothly. At first, we couldn't get Estonians to ask questions in a room with 60 other participants, but there were more questions after the last presentations. All in all, thanks to the help of Margo the day was less stressful!
Jaarika Järviste

SpeakSmart helped us with setting a focus for the event and adjusted it very well to our team's wishes. I was very pleased about your flexibility in finding the right moderator - even when there is a budget limit, you were able to offer a solution (moderators with less experience, but still very professional), so that the event would still go ahead. We had an excellent experienced moderator, who was able to relate to the topic really well and excite the participants at the event (as much as one can get Estonians excited).
Our communication with the moderator was smooth and he was willing to be flexible and make minor adjustments, so that the event would be even better. It was a very important experience for me to be able to trust a moderator to conduct the entire event and not to have to worry about anything other than my own presentation (not staying on schedule, technical issues, involving the participants etc.). The moderator's help allowed me to focus on my own work. I am still waiting for the follow-up conclusions on the event, but I am certain they will be just as professional as our collaboration.
Piret Väljaots

Most likely I would recommend SpeakSmart's services. Of course, it all depends on the specific needs and cases. I really liked that the preparation work was good and that the format, content and concept/expectations/objectives of the event was thought through collaboratively, so that the event would be a success. A big thank you! Very good collaboration and pleasant communication, systematic and professional approach.
Kaja Kuivjõgi

The moderator did excellent preparation work and got to know the topic, very good moderating of the panel as well as engagement with the audience. We highly appreciate the willingness to negotiate the fees and invest with pro bono work. Thank you!
Karita Sall
The support moderator provided us in organising the international conference exceeded our expectations. In addition to moderating the day and offering a show-debate, Siim gave us advice on other organisational matters, including for the day he was not moderating. Offering an electronic conference environment was an excellent idea and it was necessary. With that we avoided printing out papers. His knowledge of how to engage with the audience and ensure a smooth progress of the day was a big help to us.
Kadi-Kai Kollo

Excellent ability to think along, to consider the client's wishes and to offer technical solutions as well as ideas. Although the moderator wasn't familiar with the topic, he was able to notice important opinions and use them over the course of the discussion. The moderator was able to hold a very different group of people working and thinking together until the end. The follow-up conclusion of the day was submitted on time and the notes were very thorough and systemised.
Piret Hirv

We think it's a professional and experienced team, who will help you to ensure the success of the event and I definitely recommend SpeaksSmart to other people. Our collaboration with 6 moderators (Margo Loor, Marleen Pedjasaar, Kaspar Kelder, Vladimir Svet, Kristina Mänd, Lauri Kriisa) was very smooth. I especially liked that the moderators worked with our Foresight Centre experts to prepare for the workshop. It's also notable that the moderator did more than necessary, for example, helped with setting up the technical equipment on the spot. The workshops were moderated well and had an interesting structure. There could be more time planned for moderators to make conclusions of the workshops, which could give a more in-depth description of what took place in the workshops.
Kadri Mats

The moderating training session was very useful and we recommend it to other people and institutions, who need to have competent skills in moderating in their work. We liked that SpeakSmart concentrated on our needs and offered appropriate content for our training session. Our trainer Margo Loor is clearly one of the best in his field in Estonia, his extensive experience and knowledge was exactly what we needed. He knew how to balance giving participants new knowledge with taking into account their existing knowledge and experience. The session gave a systematic overview of moderating and showed how to comprehensively plan the activities involved in moderating. As a result of this session, we are definitely much smarter in planning our moderating activities and know how to avoid mistakes. Thank you for an informative training session!
Laura Kirss

An excellent professional moderator, from start to finish! The moderator helped at all stages with the preparation of the event and became a member of our team. It was important that he was able to allay the fears that other members had about the format.
BLRT Communications Department